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Graphic and cloth art production
1) Sublimation Transfer Printing
Sublimation Transfer Printing is a technology that printing the portrait, the scenery, the pattern or any other pictures into the sublimation printing paper with sublimation transfer ink. Then heat it to a certain temperature by calefaction equipment., transfer the pattern on the paper to the fabric or other materials vividly.
The sublimation transfer printing has fresh color, profuse phase, it can compare to regular printing, the difference is that sublimation transfer printing is to make the transfer ink sublime in high temperature, so the ink can infiltrate into the surface of the medium, after coagulation the bright color graphic is forming. So sublimation transfer printing products is durable, the picture isn¡¯t so easy to fall off, chap or fading

2) Solvent bsed Ink Printing
It¡¯s also named Digital Printing. The common presswork is limited by the printing machine and the width of the paper. The biggest paper width for the printing machine is usually bisection, but according to the market demand, bisection can¡¯t satisfy the demand. For example, to make big format advertising, commercial POP, the star¡¯s big format photo, these can¡¯t be made by common printing machine. Digital printing width includes big format and huge format, for the big format, the width is about 3.0m; for the huge format, the width is 7.0-7.5m. If huger format isrequested, we can print by several parts, then connect them to make it integrated.Theoretically speaking, digital printing can make the graphic to limitless format. The medium for digital printing is mainly advertising cloth, high glossy photo paper,self adhesive PP paper, synthetic fabric and super thin silk, etc. These fabric material has good quality appearance, durable capability, suitable for outdoor use, the life cycle is at least half a year. But because the digital printing graphic is usually shown in far distance, so the imaging resolution isn¡¯t quite high, deferent imaging resolution is 30-45 dpi.

3) Water based ink printing graphic production
Known as photo printing, the main characteristics is low-cost, no pollution, colorful, high resolution graphic, printing resolution up to 600dpi ~ 1200dpi, mainly used as substrate for paper and kinds of fiber cloth and dielectric coating, the common media is high glossy photo paper, PVC panel, PP paper and so on, water-soluble ink, so the graphic production can not be used in outdoor.

4) digital injection cloth printing graphic production
digital injection cloth is one of the textile fabric which is finished with chemical procession, it is main used for being printed pictures by digital printing machine, using the dye-sublimation ink inkjet your designs on the digital injection cloth through the heating, very suitable for the development of market and personalized environmental requirements.
The use of the hot sublimation ink is mostly preparation by the textile disperse dyestuffs which has saturated color and good weathering resistance, so has a wide range of applications in textile printing and dyeing .
The characteristics of the digital injection cloth screen: chromatography in complete, colors in bright, shading good strength; Color fastness, washed degrees at a magnitude of 4.5 above, direct injection cloth proved the more high quality pictures and more sharp edge effect. Environmental protection, no need the transfer printing paper, reduce the the environment affect. Convenient operation, avoid the transfer printing paper folding, mobile and distortion. And the material which used for the digital printing cloth is: polyester pongee, Oxford cloth, non-woven fabric,warp cloth,weft cloth, mute cloth, flame retardant cloth and so on.

Fabric graphic used:
1) The application scope of fabric graphic:
Trade show graphic: high in quality, high digital graphic, your trade show will obtain better display effect.
Background, post: high quality printing graphic, delivers rich, bold color, promote the effect of meeting, activity, or show.
Outdoor banner: different kinds shapes of graphic, used for the kinds of flagpole, flying banner and other outdoor banner.
Advertising fabric is used for roll up banner, x- banner and other banner stand in terminal store

2) The application scope of solvent based ink printing.
Large format outdoor / indoor advertising, lightbox printing, trade show promotional advertising, terminal store promotional advertising such as Roll ups£¬X banner used and so on.

3) The application scope of water based ink printing.
Terminal store promotional advertising such as Pop ups, Roll ups, X banner and so on, also for high resolution terminal printing advertisement such as lightbox, snap frame , poster stand and so on.

4) The application scope of digital injection cloth
Digital photo album, charts, banners, hang picture and pictorial art, archaize oil painting, window advertising, billboards, frescoes, the logo, the scaffolding covering cloth, window display pictures, banners and signs, stage background, mobile graphics display, wedding photography, poster advertising, indoor advertising, exhibition engineering and garden, advertising display figure, rendering commercial and civil indoor decoration, etc


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